degree 2

Welcome to the Degree Block

God is taken us to heights, mountains of revelation. There are dept of revelation and access in the ministry that only dept in God can give such access [Exo 3:1, 19:3, Deut 2:3, 4:11, 34:1, 33:19, 32:49,. The higher the mountains Moses climbed the more empowered, sound and immortal he became. God has set a milestone of access [John16:12]. This degree block is where you have the opportunity to many accesses in God.

We must not de-emphasize the place and relevance of higher christian education or spiritual education [1 Sam 15:12]. There are levels of glory and dimensions of honour [Mark 10:40]. Learn the arts of spirituality and godliness.

In this block you have various programs to assail and God is not placing any limit or restriction on you. We hope to see you in the graduate and post-graduate programs.

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