Here you can initiate and complete all your academic exercises and every other related obligatory. The institute has constructed faculties and programs as directed by God to help in developing the students  as to what he want them to do, who he want them to be in terms of character, quality, personality and ability

Why Our Faculties?

In our academication and spiritualization of theology we offer beyond the conventional orientation of of study, making it a more realistic offer.

Faculty of Ministry

walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called" Ephe 4:1. Having the mindset, the perspective or scope of the ministry -this is to fashion your faculty and build you up a ministry brand. You will be given the opportunity to Church Management and Administration (ministers, finance, situation -dispute, critical, merry, strength and weak, the commission, people -believers and unbelievers etc, the ministry offices and ministrations, Biblical ministry patterns and disciplines, ethics and codes, the minister's culture and church traditions, counseling and handling temptation,There is a world unknown before you, you are to invade it with your ministry. Glorying Faith as a tool of the Lord is being used to make you the Lord's brand.

In this Faculty you will be privileged to run Diploma and selected Degree programs.

Your form will give you provision to specify your choices. Faculty contributes to the pattern scope, approaches and innovations applicable in the studies. When God trains, you end up being the brand he wants you to be.

The programs include

  • Doctrinology
  • Missiology
  • Man
  • Marriage & Relationship
  • Soteriology etc.
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Faculty of Theology

This faculty gives student the privilege to explore and provide answers to theology and theological related issues. "GOD" is the mystery that all areas of study and developmental researches and implementation have not resolve -science, arts, technology, government and even religion. This solution can't be until we know how to study theology.

This faculty provides great study instrument that if we are able to know the word "GOD" and how to connect it into life and its dailies, we can be great theologians. There is a message  theology brings -to become real theologian who does not develop our dogmas but the true theology idealism. There is what God is and it has to be central knowledge, not opinionistic and not relativism. Knowing him in spirit is an arm of knowledge and knowing him in truth is another. knowing the who is God, the what is God are an arm and knowing the how he is God is another. We have always missed theology concept. Knowledge is application. God is not just a provider, God is also a provision. The world need great and real theologians..

Degree Programs like Eschatology, Theology, Missiology and Religion are available in this Faculty. Diploma courses are also accessible.

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Faculty of the Spirit

The bible's recommendation is "walk in the spirit" [Gal 5:16,25]. Humanity and fleshliness or carnality are not relatives. You may have heard it say "life is more of the spirit." Spiritual men are like the wind [John 3:8], they are gravity itself. The scriptures says "to be carnally minded is death" [Roms 8:6].

There are spirits and there is a Spirit. The faculty brings us to the Spirit of all flesh and Spirit of all spirits implanting in us the very potency of God. Utilizing this faculty will help us fulfill the scriptures recommendations of not living on the desires of the flesh and maximizing the availability of the ministry of the Holy Spirit, who is the true Spirit.

Faculty of the Spirit offers programs like Spirits, Theology, Pneumatology and Homilectics within a contextual frame and some selected Diploma courses. Students shall be required to fulfill the expectations of the Faculty to acquire the credit scores mounted in this faculty.

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Faculty of Christianity

True Christian education is one relevant scheme missing amongst us. Even in the church Christian education has to be strongly enforced. We have to start seeing the church system as Christian Mission. The mission to establish Christ [Col 2:9, 1:19, Eph 3:19, 1 Cor 11:3].

Education without use is deception, you are still empty. If Christ is a symbol of true godliness, we must by practical education propagate and enforce Christ in our communities, homes and individual lives -there are Christian doctrines, christian ethics and attributes, and christian lifestyle and communication. This faculty will bring forth and establish the unique thing about Christianity

The Faculty of Christianity provides the student the chance of knowing and becoming more of Christ. Diploma class and Degree programs are available. Student can be awarded Bachelors and Masters in Ecclesiology, Marriage & Relationship, Soteriology and Homilectics.

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