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Theology and Ministry education is the key to the provision of sound, right and eternal solutions to the world. Theology and ministry is not religious sacraments and seclusion.  It is about God and the existence of his creations. Knowing the reality of God can fashion our approaches towards him. People, the world needs to know what truly is GOD and how he exist if he does. What shall we do with such knowledge and how can it be connected to our living. When there is no ( or improper) education about God, the world may tend to forget about him –the relevance, the relationship, the standard and modeling will be thrown away. They will go the way available. The ministries are the hope of reaching the world with the loving gospel of the LORD.

Glorying Faith has structured out by the grace of God, effective method, curriculum and approaches that help ensures the adequate readiness of everyone the Lord brings into GFBII to train for what he has planned to do through them ranging from Faculty to Programs and Courses and the prevailing practicals and ministerial exercises.

God once said concerning Glorying Faith Bible Institute “my concern is not the amount of money you make out of this, but the number and quality of ministers you release into the field”. This has made us make money of no significant and has also been a strong focus.


Why educate?

We are sent to the world, to raise out as many as can be saved -this should be called “the church”. We need to be thoroughly equipped for this work because we have an enemy who does not only tempt but also slanders, we have an enemy who does not want the work done neither does he want us do the work. We have an adversary, a compendium of wickedness. We need to be equipped because we are not professionals of this work, we are simply selected by grace and not by qualification. We need not only be filled but engage our reservior with as many as they LORD has in stock until there is no more room [1 kings 19:7, 2 Kings 4:2-4]. God has given us the opportunity and requires us to learn, to study, to be trained. Humans have a nature that must be trained. The advancement of evil, the digression of events and the challenge (that shows a lapse) posed on life calls on us all to stand up and put things in other [Prov 24:10]. And for this, Glorying Faith Bible Institute International has been prepared and commissioned by God for the equipping of the ministers and the building of the church.

Many are called into the field but few are actually labouring in accordance to the Master. It is supposed to be "More Labourers More Christ-like Souls". There is a strong force of evil  challenging the works just as it was done for Adam, but certainly GFBII believes and knows the FAITH SHALL PREVAIL.
If you have learned and mastered Christ and the ministry you will successfully finish the work of him that sent you.
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